Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shake, shake, shake!

When we have Shape Capers parties, one of the craft projects kids enjoy making are tube shakers. Cap off one end of toilet paper tubes with paper discs and tape, add a spoonful of dried beans or corn, cap off the other end, and decorate the tube. Then shake, shake, shake!
After I made the dough for the previous post, I had an empty salt box. I thought it would be fun to make shakers with different "fillings" that kids could guess by their sound. I cut a window in the box, covered it with a piece of plastic cut from a cup I found in our recycling box (any clear plastic container will work. Tape it on firmly.), and then cut a "peep hole" when I covered the tube with paper. I cut up the cover of last year's seed catalog to get the fancy flowers.
Add just a handful of ingredients so they can't be seen through the window unless it's tipped.
You could even make a flap over the window. Oatmeal boxes would work very nicely for this project, too.
Possible fillings:
Beans, rice, pasta, corn, jingle bells, gravel, seashells....see what else you can find!

Top Photo: Richard Kimball Photography

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