Thursday, November 12, 2009

Deck the Halls

Remember paper chains? There's something about the repetitive motion of this simple project that is calming and satisfying. It's also a great fine motor activity for little fingers that can result in an impressively
l - o - n - g chain of success.

This is the time of year when we seem to get even more paper in the mailbox than usual---fliers, catalogs, mailers, etc.
Take the cover weight ones, along with other bright colored paper you can fish out of your paper recycling box, and cut them into strips. If you are lucky enough to have a paper cutter, great. I'm an xacto knife and straight-edge fan. In either case, do this while the little ones are sleeping so that their fingers will be far away. If you're a scissor person, they can help.

Make the first loop. Then the kids can follow a simple mantra: poke through, glue, press. Glue sticks, paste, or a dab of white glue will do the trick. Coated papers take an extra pressing.

And paper chains aren't just for the holidays. Recycle birthday wrapping paper into strips to festoon the next birthday party.


  1. the last few years we've made Gratitude Garlands at Thanksgiving...just something we're thankful for written on each loop of the paper chain. it's a simple, beautiful way to give thanks.